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Numerology is the science of predicting your future by calculating your birth numbers. In India numerology dates to 350 A.D. in the time of Pythagoras. As per numerology, there are three types of numbers known as Psychic number, Destiny number, and Name number. Your Psychic number says about your nature, characteristics, and talent. Destiny number is the way world sees you and is obtained by your karma and past actions.

Our expert numerologist calculate the numbers hidden in your birth name and leverage those to make the most precise projections about your life and destiny.They also make predictions of other types of numerology like Alphabet numerology and Marriage numerology. Numerologists believe that numbers have a psychic relationship with the events of your life.

Sai Darpan is known as the top numerologist. Our meticulous predictions guide you in acquiring a healthy and wealthy life. We also help you by rectifying the defects of planetary positions or any astrological weakness that might affect your health, happiness, prosperity, or general wellness.


Numbers are the maximum level of knowledge. It is known in itself since the numerical concepts
are more factual than the physical ones. The origin goes back to 350 AD in the times of
Pythagoras and his mathematical theories. The Indian Astrology basically utilizes statistics to
study and comprehend behavioural patterns of humans, their personality, fortunes, intellect,
natural mood, spirituality, sexuality and so forth. This science helps in calculation of amounts
that are concealed in the birth name of the individual and utilize it to create most accurate
predictions regarding One’s life, Conduct and Destiny.


According to Numerology, every individual is bound to have 3 numerology numbers:

Psychic Number- which talks about an individual persona and defines the basic YOU. It informs about the talents and your own styles.
Destiny Number: Is how the world sees you. It is believed to be obtained by your Karma and
previous activities.
Title Number- Is also known as Relationship Number that mainly signifies the connection
objectives and improvements.
Alphabet numerology, Marriage numerology are the other kinds. You would have heard people saying 5 is their lucky number, 7 is the magic number, 10, 14 and so on because of their lucky numbers. Some say it isn’t good to get married, buy new things on specific dates. Numbers and occurring events have a mystical relationship.

Importance and Programs

Private possessions or living things have a mystic relationship with the numbers and numerology. People believe that picking right numbers in life is vital to them to obtain the desired wealth, rigour and health. It also will help to rectify your Planetary defects, Identify Bad
Zone, Health and Happiness, Occupation, and presence as a whole. According to the oath, the
numbers cliched by a person’s title and date of birth possibly will be utilized to evaluate a numerology visual assistance regarding individuality, affairs, as well as the forthcoming events.
Some of the scholars require help of title numerology calculator to look at the predictions. Even famous personalities like actors, politicians make the most of amounts and have experienced its magic in their professional life.


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