Kundli Matching

Horoscope chart, or kundali as known in Indian astrology, is believed to be an essential point of reference to lead a relatively happy and prosperous life. Kundali plays a significant role in predicting someone’s future and marriage compatibility. These calculations and predictions are made based on the planetary position at the time of one’s birth. It is believed that by knowing the position of a planet at the time of one’s birth, astrologers can find ways to alter or reduce the impact of a planet in an individual’s life.

In India, one of the main applications of kundalimatching happens at the time of marriage, one of the most important events in someone’s life. Matching the kundali of the groom with the bride before they tie the knot is a traditional practice in Indian culture. In fact, in some cases, the marriage happens only after the kundalis match well. Most people keep on following this practice as a tradition without being aware of the reason. At Sai Darpan, ourtalented astrologers know the reason and explain it to our clients to maintain clarity.

Many times,kundali matching by name comes helpful in the case of love marriages. It might happen that even though the boy and the girl are in love and are set to marry, yet they face a lot of obstacles to materialize the wedding. In such cases, astrological help can provide the resolution by doing a marriage matching by name [H3] or studying their horoscope, the houses, and planets of love. As astrologers say, celestial matchmaking is essential if you want a happy and successful married life.

Apart from matching kundali for marriage, there are other diverse forms of kundali predictions like janamkundali, birth charts, janampatri, Vedic horoscope, Vedic chart, and Hinduchart.Kundali is also analyzed to predict different aspects of life events like higher education, foreign travel, setting up a business or entrepreneurship, acquiring new property/vehicle, legal matters like court cases, litigation, health, children, infertility, career change, or unemployment and its remedies.

Kundli which is also known as Horoscope is considered as a guide to one’s life journey. In Hindu Astrology, Kundli has a major significance in predicting the future of the individual, their nature and marriage compatibility. The above is calculated or predicted based on planets position at the time of One’s birth. Basically, it is said that the planets having an influence on the person can be reduced by calculating its angle it is present by checking the time of birth. Various forms of Kundli predictions that are known are Janma Kundli, Birth charts, Janam Prati, Vedic Horoscope, Vedic Chart, and Hindu Chart.

Kundli Analysis is also done regarding Education, Foreign Travel, Entrepreneurship, Purchase of new property/Vehicle, Legal matters like court cases, litigation, Health Life, Children, Infertility, Change of career, Unemployment and its remedies. Apart from these, it is also used in the detection of Mangala Dosha and to identify a Manglik.

Marriage is an important event to be cherished. Hindus ensure that the horoscope of the girl and boy is matched perfectly before they tie a knot as Husband and wife. Thus matchmaking is becoming a prerequisite before marriage as it is believed that a couple with a good horoscope match will live happily ever after. People believe in this ritual and blindly follow it without knowing the actual reason.  At Sai Darpan  Astro Centre you will know the exact reason and its importance in detail explained by Panditji himself. This is also known as Kundli match or Jathak match where the astrological charts are matched.

There is been an increasing trend in Love Marriages these days.  People like to choose their love life and partner themselves. However, in some cases, they may encounter some serious hurdles to marry their loved ones. Astrological support and Solutions are provided in these cases by carefully examining the Houses and planets of Love. This throws light on the stability, reliability and Cohesion of the Love Life.

The importance of match-making is essential in life if you want the marriage to be successful. The nature/character of the person can be predicted through his/her Horoscope. Partner compatibility, genuineness, the durability of the relationship with mother-in-law can also be checked. A prosperous wedding is a key to the happy and healthy family.


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