Marriage Matching

In India, it is believed that marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime affair and hence one of the most important events in one’s life.That is the reason people in India believe in doing kundali matching for marriage or horoscope matching for marriage. An ideal marriage should be a perfect blend of love, romance, passion, intimacy, and affection. It can be unfortunate if these elements are missing in a marriage and a potentially wonderful relationship fails to bloom to its full extent. In such a scenario, the married life can become drudgery, with both the partners being perpetually unhappy, which ultimately leads to frustration. After all, romance, passion, and intimacy are some of the important factors of a happy married life. This is where kundali matching may come in handy to ensure contentment in married life as much as possible.

Also, at times it might so happen that after a few years of marriage, when the partners get extremely preoccupied or busy in their professional life, they start taking each other for granted and lose the initial romance in life. This is also quite a common scenario in most households that put a strain on someone’s marital relationship. The partners seem to drift apart, and possibly one or both might get involved in an extra-marital relationship. In such scenarios also a marriage matching by date of birth can help in settling the differences and lead a happy married life.

Though most of these situations can be avoided if both the partners put conscious effort to keep the spark alive in their marriage, yet some guidance or consultation can also come in handy. An accurate calculation of the celestial body’s position on someone’s horoscope can not only help them find their ideal partner in life but also help married people in resolving their marital discord and lead a fulfilling life.

We at SaiDarpan offer marriage consultation for people who are about to get married and to married people if they feel that their marriages are falling apart. Our expert marriage astrologers calculate the position of the celestial bodies on your horoscope and come up with predictions when you can get married and if there are any remedies that can ease your path to marriage. Similarly, they can also help married couples resolve any difficulties they are facing in their married life by accurately analyzing their horoscope and offering suitable remedies.

Marriage is one of the most essential feelings of life and everyone wishes to get a romantic relationship with their partners throughout their lives. The significance of romance in any marriage cannot be exaggerated; yet few are fortunate enough to prevent this phenomenon, because it is by individual nature that romance waxes and wanes, often diminishing with time. Marriage astrology and marriage astrology by title can assist you in your happy wedding life.

At some stage or another, many few will wonder whether they can reestablish their love life, they may feel that their connection is lacking love, fire, or closeness. Although these are separate aspects, the three items are interdependent, mandatory conditions that must be consistently nurtured for marriage to work well.

Consider your marriage as travel, comprised of fire, steps taken along with the path. Without linking each of these roadmaps, the journey will be incomplete. Your connection’s passion is the basis of the journey. Now consider that the measures/path as the base representing romance. The path signifies intimacy; that entails affection, sexuality, and togetherness. When the steps begin with just some passion and romance, but no intimacy, the journey isn’t complete. Something is missing is not it, even if you’ve been too busy to notice. Let us say that the route is hard and the ride is been hindered for some time. That is what might happen to your familiarity, if it hasn’t already begun. Negligence is the only way a ride is out of track. Similarly, if we eliminate romance, then Passion would subsequently be corroded, the analogy may appear the formula, but it isn’t without merit.

The fact of the matter is, effective connections rely upon love, closeness, belief and excitement — and that’s the reason they’re so crucial in a marriage.

Sri Sai Darpan Astrology is the Best Marriage astrologer in Bangalore calculates planetary positions and link with other homes and informs the suitable remedies for Love and love including the Vastu of the bedchamber.


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