Sri Yantra

As per Hindu and astrology and Tantric beliefs Sri Yantra is a powerful mystical diagram that people worship to enhance their lives. Derived from a Sanskrit word it is basically a spiritual illustration. It is available in various forms as per your requirement and the simplest form is a triangle. This process of worshipping this form is called Yantra Healing.

The different forms of Yantras available as per Hindu astrology are Laxmi Yantra &Kuber Yantra,Bhairavi Yantra, Sri Yantra, Surya Yantra, Mangal Yantra, Shani Yantra, Rahu Yantra, Vastu Yantra, and Maha Yantra. Popular among the above is Kuber Yantra which is used for accumulation of wealth, improvement in job, and business growth.

Among all the above forms of yantra, Surya Yantra is considered most powerful and used to invoke favourable opportunities in life.

The actual meaning of Yantra is just a machine, but in Hindu and tantric beliefs it is a powerful mystical diagram worshipped to enhance life in various aspects. Yantra is derived from a Sanskrit word (यन्त्र) meaning a spiritual illustration. Yantras can be found in individual forms to rumble in different types and are specific in character. It can be mixed according to someone’s requirement and the technique is named Yantra Healing.

A Yantra can be made based on the form of energy required and the easiest form of Yantra known is a triangle. Yantras are considered as the aids to strengthen your life in all possible quantity. Yantras can be made according to the vital provisions.

Types of Yantras
Laxmi yantra & Kuber yantra:
Are mainly used for money augmentation, job development, company growth and helps to reduce your debts.

Bhairavi Yantra:
It is basically used for the enhancement of a person’s wellbeing.

Sri Yantra:
It is one of the oldest known forms and is used to heal hearts and minds.

Surya Yantra:
This yantra is worn to invite a broad range of opportune times in your life and is considered the most powerful one.

Mangal Yantra:
It’s for good luck in career, private life and entrepreneurship.

Shani Yantra:
It is for one who is influenced by shani sade sati.

Rahu Yantra:
It is to keep away your enemies and the rest of the negative energies.

Vastu Yantra:
It’s to extract positive energies from the Panchabhutas.

Maha Yantra:
It is regarded as the mother of Yantras, basically protecting you from ill effects of planets.

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