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Vehicle Astrology

Your vehicle plays an important role in your movement and transportation. It gives you the luxury of not depending on or waiting for a public transport and plan your commute as per your requirement. In Hindu astrology, it is believed that purchasing a vehicle is impacted by the placement of your 4th house in your horoscope. It is believed in astrology that the vehicle you will use for transportation depends on which planet is present in the 4th house like whether its Sun, or Moon, or Jupiter, or Mars and so on.

When you purchase a vehicle, it is imperative that there will be a vehicle number. Either you accept whatever number you get at the time of registration, or you might purchase it specially as per suggestion from vehicle number astrology. At Sai Darpan, we have a team of expert professional who consult astrology and numerology to provide combination of numbers that would work best for you.

Astrologers can also predict the good day for vehicle purchase so that it complies as per your horoscope.

We all have choices and tastes; it may be with regards to people, things or maybe the car that we own. A car is an important way of transportation and has seen drastic changes and advancements in its making and advancement. So there’s a steady change in the liking of individuals towards their choice of vehicles. We buy a car from fire or requirements but from these options of vehicles, one can interpret personality and characteristics of a person. Clear all your queries with our pandit having deep knowledge in vehicle Purchase Astrology.

Some people even if they have the intent to buy a vehicle they’d experience some kind of delay because of the 4th home lord bad placement in the horoscope. 4th house in the horoscope is considered as the house of the vehicle. Depending on the information,

*Sun, If positioned in the 4th house, will give you a government vehicle with a driver
*Moon if positioned will have many white color cars with luxury
*Jupiter is a sign of the strong and safe car
*Mars gives many cars with choices
*Mercury is known for its luxury and grandeur
*Venus gives a lovely car with many collections
*Saturn will give stable but old car blue color
*Rahu provides a big car in black color
*Ketu impacts no vehicle as the world is of denial
*Moon and Venus Combination gives you the beautiful grand vehicles


Are you thinking about purchasing a vehicle but confused? Then you have to consult that our”Vehicle Purchase Astrology” expert  gives you the information with the fusion of the two astrology and numerology. Our Acharya won’t only allow you to find the right type of vehicle according to your zodiac signs but also help you to discover the lucky number for your car or truck. Moreover, he’ll likewise allow you to think about your features, which vehicle parts you should take care well, fortunate color, color to keep away from, favorable day, lucky number, implications of this number, the planet associated with your numbers.


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